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Many active duty, Guard and Reservists (officers and enlisted) have made it known they plan to refuse the Anthrax and possibly other vaccinations. This must be a personal choice,  we encourage you to investigate whatever decision you make. There are those who have already declined the shots. They went to the Judge Advocate's office and utilized   the "religious and moral objection" route. This will automatically make you ineligible for world-wide status. Perhaps there is no more stronger statement that we could make than to have a half a million of our military which can serve only in CONUS.

I am not encouraging you to disobey a direct order. however, the Pentagon has lied to us for the last six and a half years, why are we to believe they are telling the truth now. Read the information that exists on Anthrax with regard to safety and efficacy and then make an informed decision yourself.

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002.gif (805 bytes)Legal Exemptions to Vaccination Medical, philosophical or personal belief exemptions are worded differently in each state. To use an exemption for your child, you must know specifically what the law says in your state. Read more on exemptions...
002.gif (805 bytes)Review ordered for anthrax vaccine refusers A federal judge’s decision could lead to clearing the records of military personnel who refused to take mandatory anthrax shots between 1999 and 2004. (April 26, 2008)
002.gif (805 bytes)Anthrax Vaccine Info Posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.
002.gif (805 bytes)Soldier faces threats from military after refusing anthrax vaccine A soldier serving in Iraq who is stationed in Baghdad says he has faced “threats” and “intimidation” from his Army superiors – including the possibility of forced inoculations – after he refused to take the military’s controversial anthrax vaccine. (Sept. 17, 2007)
002.gif (805 bytes)Accelerated delivery of its BioThrax anthrax vaccine to the 
        Department of Defense
Biopharmaceutical company Emergent BioSolutions Inc. on Wednesday said it will accelerate delivery of its BioThrax anthrax vaccine to the Department of Defense. (June 27, 2007)
002.gif (805 bytes)Anthrax Shot Returns to Base (Dover AFB) Anthrax Shot Returns to Base (Dover AFB) -- The military-wide mandatory immunization program started March 19 at Dover after a three-year hiatus due to federal questions about the vaccine’s effectiveness. All “uniformed personnel, emergency-essential and equivalent civilian employees” who are assigned for at least 15 consecutive days to the Middle East, East Africa and Central Asia or U.S. Forces in Korea are required to take the shot, U.S. Department of Defense spokeswoman Cynthia Smith said. (April 2, 2007)
002.gif (805 bytes)Anthrax vaccine opponents file new lawsuit Six unnamed plaintiffs filed a class-action lawsuit against the government Wednesday. The basic premise of the lawsuit is the plaintiffs’ claim that the vaccine is “unapproved for its applied/intended use.” (Dec. 13, 2006)
002.gif (805 bytes)VaxGen Wins Extension on Anthrax Vaccine VaxGen said HHS has decided to extend the company's deadline for resolving the issue until Dec. 18. At stake is a contract potentially worth $1 billion.  (Nov. 2006)
002.gif (805 bytes)Should the Anthrax Vaccine be Mandatory? Take the Poll Be sure to take this very important poll!!! (Oct. 30, 2006)
002.gif (805 bytes)Anthrax vaccine opponents gear up to renew fight As the Pentagon prepares to resume mandatory anthrax shots, vaccines opponents — including lawyers, medical experts and veterans — gathered Saturday in Washington to discuss current cases and potential legal avenues for helping those who say they were harmed by the vaccine.  (Oct. 29, 2006)
002.gif (805 bytes)Air Force Times requests comments on forced anthrax
In the next few weeks, the U.S. will again become the only nation in the world that forces its military personnel to take anthrax vaccine, which the DoD says is safe and effective. Email them at: ) with your comments, concerns and questions about the Pentagon’s mandatory program.  (Oct. 2006)
002.gif (805 bytes)Poisoning US Troops: Anthrax, Lies and Vaccines
        by Heather Wokusch
The US Defense Department quietly announced on Monday that mandatory anthrax vaccinations would resume for military personnel and civilians deploying to 28 countries across the globe and even for some based in the US.  (Oct. 18, 2006)
“America’s military service members deserve to be fully informed about the deaths, chronic illness and disabilities that many soldiers have experienced following anthrax vaccination,” said MBVP medical director Meryl Nass, M.D.  (Oct. 16, 2006)
002.gif (805 bytes)Pentagon to Resume Anthrax Inoculations The Pentagon said Monday (October 16, 2006) it will once again begin requiring anthrax vaccinations for troops heading into dangerous regions, reinstating a program that has been challenged repeatedly over possible health risks. (Oct. 16, 2006)
002.gif (805 bytes)New website 'Military and Biodefense Vaccine Project' The Military and Biodefense Vaccine Project is sponsored by the National Vaccine Information Center and is dedicated to increasing awareness about the benefits and risks of military and biodefense vaccines, as well as federal and state legislation which authorize mandatory use of experimental bioterrorism vaccines in military and civilian settings without voluntary, informed consent.
002.gif (805 bytes)Jesse Lusian 24, dies resulting from complications of the
        Anthrax Vaccine
Sept. 13, 2006
002.gif (805 bytes) At Odds Over Anthrax The Federal Government Wants To Stockpile Anthrax Vaccines To Protect Americans From A Biological Attack; Critics Question Costs, Wonder If Effort Is Even Necessary  (April 10, 2006)
002.gif (805 bytes)FDA Warns Maker of Anthrax Vaccine Federal drug regulators have accused a California company of breaking the law by making exaggerated claims about the purity and effectiveness of a new vaccine for anthrax, a fresh blow for a troubled $1 billion program at the center of the government's plans to counter bioterrorism. (4/5/06)
002.gif (805 bytes)DoD Asks Court To Reinstate Mandatory Anthrax Vaccine Program U.S. government officials asked a federal appeals court last month to reinstate mandatory anthrax inoculations for military personnel, while a lawyer for soldiers who refused the vaccinations argued that the vaccine was not intended for the broad use of it for military personnel that the Department of Defense (DoD) is advocating. (Jan. 18, 2006)
002.gif (805 bytes)Effects of Anthrax vaccine downplayed The Pentagon never told Congress about more than 20,000 hospitalizations involving troops who took the anthrax vaccine from 1998 through 2000, despite repeated promises that such cases would be publicly disclosed. (Dec. 20, 2005))
002.gif (805 bytes)Military may not change anthrax shot rules The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has once again decided that the anthrax vaccine used by the military meets safety and effectiveness standards, paving the way for the return of the controversial mandatory shot program. But that doesn't mean the "take the shot or take a court-martial approach" will resume soon - or for very long. (Dec. 17, 2005)
002.gif (805 bytes)Court asked to allow mandatory inoculations The Pentagon is seeking to overturn a federal court ruling last year that halted mandatory anthrax vaccinations.
(Dec. 14, 2005)
002.gif (805 bytes)Special Report: Anthrax Puzzle Dec. 5, 2005 - A Must Read!!
002.gif (805 bytes)Anthrax shots may be required in military The Bush administration asked a federal appeals court Thursday to reinstate mandatory anthrax inoculations for many military personnel, while a lawyer for soldiers who refused the shots said anti-anthrax vaccine was never intended for the purpose the Pentagon is using it.
(Dec. 1 , 2005)
002.gif (805 bytes)Anti-Vaccine Activist Memorialized Retired Air Force Reserves Lt. Col. Russell E. Dingle, a fierce opponent of mandatory anthrax inoculations in the military, was remembered Monday at a memorial service featuring a jet fly-over. (Sept. 13, 2005)
002.gif (805 bytes)Army Researchers Will Study Long-Term Effects of Vaccines Researchers at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases are studying the long-term effects of repeated administration of multiple vaccines, including an anthrax vaccine, Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed.  (Aug. 22, 2005)
002.gif (805 bytes)Anthrax Information from From the National Institutes of Health Links to Important Anthrax information. (Aug. 2005)
002.gif (805 bytes)Anthrax vaccine under fire Refusal rate concerns military; troops speak out!
 (July 25, 005)
002.gif (805 bytes) Significant Anthrax Immunization Complications Court Decision in favor of a Vet (Docket for 04A988) We FINALLY won!  (July 2005)
002.gif (805 bytes)Troops divided on getting voluntary vaccine   shots About half of the service members and civilian workers offered anthrax vaccinations under the Pentagon’s temporary, voluntary program are accepting the shots — and the other half are saying, “No, thanks.”
002.gif (805 bytes)Judge eases anthrax vaccine order A federal judge in Washington Wednesday ruled the military can administer anthrax vaccine on a voluntary basis to service members under certain conditions. (April 6, 2005)
002.gif (805 bytes)Soldiers Fear the Needle-The Pentagon still fights for its anthrax vaccine (March 22, 2005) The Pentagon still fights for its anthrax vaccine!
March 22, 2005 article.
002.gif (805 bytes)Despite court order, some anthrax inoculations continue  (March 22, 2005) Troops vaccinated after the court order shut down the program are to receive a letter of apology from military officials saying, “You recently may have received an anthrax vaccination by mistake.”  March 22, 2005  article.
002.gif (805 bytes)The Needle and the Damage Done -Vaccinating America's Soldiers BY RICHARD CURREY.  Thanks to the Gage's for bringing this to our attention!! From the The VVA - Veteran
The Official Voice of Vietnam Veterans of America
Vol. 25 No. 1 (January/February 2005)
002.gif (805 bytes)Judge warns Rumsfeld in anthrax case Feb.16, 2005 Article--The judge said the program could not be administered unless individual service members give "informed consent" to the vaccinations, President Bush issues a specific waiver or the Food And Drug Administration properly classifies a drug for use in the program.
002.gif (805 bytes)Colo. mother waging war on military's anthrax shot Nov. 15, 2004 Article
002.gif (805 bytes)Grant provides $3.5 million for anthrax vaccine study in Seattle Nov. 2, 2004 Article
002.gif (805 bytes)Anthrax Vaccinations Halted Again Oct. 28, 2004 -- Anthrax Vaccinations Halted Again
002.gif (805 bytes)Pentagon Says 200,000 Who Started Anthrax Shot Regimen ---Must Continue!!! Oct. 26, 2004 -- Troops who received some of their anthrax inoculations before the Pentagon halted it 3 years ago have until Dec. 31 to resume their six-shot regimen, no matter where they might be stationed, officials said.
002.gif (805 bytes)Judges Halt Forced Military Anthrax Shots

Judge Sullivan's decision is at this link:

Dec. 22, 2003 news concerning the halting of the forced anthrax vaccine.
002.gif (805 bytes)BioPort working on new vaccine Groups compete to develop next drug for anthrax 11 Mar 2002 Lansing State Journal By Tim Martin
DoD Anthrax Documents And E-Mails Bolster Buck's Unlawful Order Defense 15 May, 2001 Army Times Publishing Co. Pentagon Newspaper, The Early Bird Stars and Stripes Omnimedia By Dave Eberhart, Stars and Stripes News Editor
Expert: Anthrax vaccine not proven 16 May, 2001 From The Clarion Ledger, By Cain Burdeau Associated Press Writer
Massachusetts Lawmaker To Introduce Bill Banning Anthrax Vaccine Use On State's Military 18 Apr. 2001 by Dave Eberhart, Stars and Stripes Veterans Affairs Editor.
Female Sergeant dead from anthrax shot. From Military
DoD officials still feel strongly that the AVIP is necessary! 6 Oct 2000 American Forces Press Service By Staff Sgt. Kathleen T. Rhem, USA
Wyeth-Ayerst Pays $30 Million for FDA Violations   5 Oct. 2000 The Associated Press By Lauran Neergaard
FDA says illnesses show no links to anthrax vaccine 3 Oct. 2000, Associated Press
Anthrax Vaccine Had Unlikely Critic 29 Sept. 2000 The Hartford Courant By Thomas D. Williams
Medical examiner links death to anthrax vaccine BioPort officials shocked by word of employee's autopsy 28 Sep. 2000 Lansing State Journal by A.J. Evenson and Tim Martin
Additive Found In Anthrax Vaccine 28 Sep. 2000 The Hartford Courant by Thomas D. Williams
Vexing over vaccines, are vaccines causing more disease than they are curing? Alan Cantwell, Jr., M.D.
Documents hold anthrax secrets. 25 Aug. 2000 Lansing State Journal by A.J. Evenson
US Military slowing anthrax vaccinations 10 July 2000 Reuters
Pentagon running short of vaccine. 10 July 2000 by Barbara Starr
Judge Agrees Anthrax Vaccine Unsafe; Halts Court Martial 5 May 2000, Friday's Canada News Briefs By The Associated Press
House Government Reform Committee (Shays') Report 17 Feb 2000
Survey indicates wide variety of reactions to anthrax vaccination Mar 14 2000 9:45PM  By Kate House, staff writer 
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs memo March 10, 2000 with comments by Dr Meryl Nass
G.I. Thinks Anthrax Vaccine is Responsible for Illness Feb 13,2000 The Fayetteville Observer by J.S. Newton
When Vaccines Do Harm To Kids Insight Magazine by Aimee Howd
Pilots Punished for Refusing Vaccine Feb 12, 2000 Associated Press by Amy Forliti
The Virus and the Vaccine Feb 2000 by Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher
Anthrax Vaccine: Controversy over Safety and Efficacy Article by Garth and Nancy Nicolson, Dr. Meryl Nass
Pentagon Anthrax Program Suffers Setback 14 Dec 99, Washington Post by Bradley Graham
Military Anthrax Shots Delayed 14 Dec 99, New York Times, Associated Press
5 Ohio Guard members won't take anthrax shots Nov. 11, 1999 By T.C. Brown, Plain Dealer Bureau
Guideline for Adverse Experience Reporting for Licensed Biological Products VAERS reporting information from FDA site.
The Vaccine Approach to Biological Weapons Defense: Some Points to Consider By Prof Garth Nicolson
Petition to stop AVIP Just print it out, sign it and mail it in.
Jones calls for AVIP to be made voluntary 16 July News Release
U.S. does an about face on hepatitis B vaccine 11 July 99 Detroit News
Vaccine's possible perils listed in military papers 29 Jun 99 Union Tribune, by Dwight Daniels
Unsworn statement of LC Schwartz 17 Jun 99
Results of court-martial 17 Jun 99
GAO Calls for Squalene Tests 26 Apr 99 by Paul Rodriguez
Breakthrough on Gulf War Illness 19 Apr 99 by Paul Rodriguez
Gulf War Mystery and HIV 3 Nov 97 by Paul Rodriguez
The Gulf War Mystery 8 Sep 97 by Paul Rodriguez
Sickness and Secrecy 25 Aug 97 by Paul Rodriguez
First Anthrax court-martial proceeding begins today From The James Madison Project
Anthrax Objections and Issues Paper by Redmond Handy
Dover base commander counters fears The News Journal 13 May 99
Doctors need anthrax training The News Journal 12 May 99
Court-Martial ordered for Marine Marine Corps Times 10 May 99
Lawmaker: Hold anthrax shots Marine Corps Times 10 May 99
Anthrax; everything you wanted to know..... 3 May 99 Air Force Times
Testimony before the subcommittee on National Security, Veteran Affairs, and International Relations April 29, 1999 Testimony on the Anthrax vaccination program.
Unclassified Administrative Message To Navadmin The latest on the mandatory anthrax vaccination program.
Religious Exemption Military waiver info
Hepatitis B Vaccine Testimony of Bonnie Dunbar PHD before Texas Dept of Health.
SLU seeks tots for trial vaccine 5 Mar 99 St Louis Review
Services discharge those who refuse vaccine 11 Mar 99 New York Times article
Mindless vaccination bureaucracy Hepatitis B article by Michael Belkin
News Release on Anthrax Shots Dec 22,1997 News Release from AGWVA by Joyce Riley
A.R. 600 Involuntary Inoculations
Anthrax Vaccine Facts Tips on Anthrax Vaccine
Total Force Anthrax Shots Start Aug 98 American Forces Press Service
Vaccine Waiver Info Military waiver info
Vaccine Safety Sheet Actual Safety Brochure
Using Human Subjects For Medical Research A Report By Cristie Sanford
E-mail to Joyce from critic 14 Jan 98 Joyce Responds to critic
Dr. Len Horowitz Interview Dec 18, 1997 Interview by Wes Thomas

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