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Attention! All mainstream media and Government Officials!

For nearly five years, the American Gulf War Veterans Association (AGWVA) has offered reliable, verifiable documentation and evidence to all Veterans, media, health and government officials with an open hand not a clenched fist. With the exception of the Veterans and Talk Radio, our efforts have been met with disdain, ridicule and character assassination.

For over eight years the Pentagon has continued to change their story about Gulf War Illness, spent hundreds of millions of dollars of the taxpayers money on government sponsored "independent studies" while tens of thousands of Veterans and their families die and spread a communicable disease into the general population.

The recent revelations from the Pentagon with regard to the pyridostigmine bromide pills administered to the troops in the Gulf War, coupled with the ongoing "debate" about the safety of the Anthrax vaccine, is nothing more than another rabbit trail to send the compliant mainstream media and alphabet news agencies into yet another feeding frenzy of Pentagon droppings.

The AGWVA website is filled with documentation and evidence that shows that the Pentagon AND the mainstream media have continually LIED to the American people about these most important issues. Yet in the October 19, 1999, issue of the USA Today, the Pentagon had the audacity to say that web pages such as ours were "essentially a hoax". John Hamre, Deputy Secretary of Defense stated, "There's an awful lot of just absolute nothing but rumor mongering." How dare you call yourselves "public servants" when your actions speak volumes of the treason you are perpetrating on not just the military, but all of America!

Where is the "evidence" of the safety and efficacy of the Anthrax vaccines? Why has the information revealed in Senate Report 103-97 been ignored? Why has the information in Senate Report 103-900 been ignored? Why were the discrepancies and contradictions of Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf ignored when he testified before the Senate in Jan. 1997? Why was the footage taken from INSIDE the Kahmasiyah bunkers showing CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL weapons never shown to the American people? Why has Joyce Riley vonKleist or the AGWVA not been allowed to present their evidence to Congress or the Senate? Why did Senator Arlen Spector state in a letter that Joyce Riley vonKleist did testify to the Senate Investigating Panel in Harrisburg, PA, when SHE HAS NEVER BEEN THERE?

All of the above information and documentation can be found on our website. WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE?

Dr. Bernard Rostker (posing as a medical doctor on PBS's Frontline) has been reported as saying that, "People that listen to Joyce Riley are the same people that believe in black helicopters". Bernard Rostker is a Rand Corporation economist not a physician! Is it any wonder that today's release of propaganda about the PB pills was the result of a Rand Corporation study?

Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings and all other "newsmen": How do you sleep at night knowing that you are participating in the demise of the greatest country that ever existed in the history of the world? Your actions and participation in this and countless other cover-ups (Waco, OK City, TWA 800, etc.) indicate clearly that your intentions are to perpetuate the lies. Could it be that you intend to secure your positions in organizations like the Council of Foreign Relations, rather than to tell the truth? Your guilt will follow you beyond your graves.

In recent years, the American people have been groomed and conditioned to expect a biological domestic terrorist attack in the very near future, "Not if, but when". Given the actions taken by the Government and the blatant push towards "Global Governance", what group of individuals would benefit from such an attack? Surely, it would not be some "Patriot Group" trying to defend the Constitution. However, might it be a more powerful group of individuals with access to such weapons and a design to replace our Constitution with a "Charter" or a "New World Order"? Would those same people have the ability to manipulate the media to demonize and blame the innocent to cover their deeds? Check the track record!


All military personnel took an oath to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC! Did you know that the elected officials that decide Foreign Policy (YOUR FATE) have refused to take the same oath? Try to get a certified copy of their Oath of Office. It doesn't exist!

We are NOT conspiracy theorists or anti-government. Theories are not backed up with documentation and we are willing to die defending this Constitutional Republic… OUR GOVERNMENT!

The time has now come to take a good long look at those that claim to be looking out for America's best interests. The same ones that have gone to great lengths to discredit those who are drawing attention to the corruption that has permeated our great Country. After a brief glance, you just might find that the blame should be focused in the opposite direction.

In the old days, when someone was found to be cheating at the poker game, he was shot and the game went on. The rules were not changed to accommodate the corrupt. Our Constitution is the rule book and there are those that have not only cheated, but they have attempted to change the rules to accommodate their perverse lust for money and power. Will a wag of the finger or a slap on the wrist remedy the situation? You decide.


Our founding fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to secure our freedom. Have the actions of our elected officials, military leaders and media manipulators demonstrated that they would do the same? The answer is clear.

The line is drawn, the gloves are off and the sleeping giant is awakening.

America, your children's, children are watching you.

Where do you stand? …"If not us, who? If not now, when?"

For God & Country


"Posterity, you will never know what it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you make good use of it. " - John Quincy Adams


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