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Dear Desert Storm Veteran and/or Supporter:

Desert Storm/Shield veterans began getting sick almost immediately upon returning from the Gulf War. Even more shocking is that many were sick who did not even enter the field of operations. As late as January, 1997, the Associated Press has released another damage control news release from Washington stating:

"Previous V.A. and Defense Department studies have looked at possible links to chemical, biological or environmental factors but have failed to find any SINGLE cause of the health problems."

America, it is time to pursue accountability as it relates to the Pentagon, Department of Defense and the V.A. system. The cold, hard truth is that the U.S. Government is covering up the known use of biological and chemical warfare that is not only contributing to their problem but may very well be the primary cause of their disabling conditions and sometimes death.

Evidence exists to point to the causative agents that creating the myriad of "mysterious maladies" being experienced by America's servicemen and women. The recent Senator Riegle, Democrat from Michigan, went to the floor of the U.S. Senate February 9, 1994 and openly testified to the use of biologicals and chemicals and that he was aware of the communicability of the disease. "Their families, spouses and children are now sick." His concern extended to the public health risk of this communicable disease. Why did CNN news not air this information, why does Network News (ABC, NBC and CBS) not inform you that thousands of our servicemen have died of horrible diseases for which we have never seen and for which the Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services, all our combined government scientists cannot diagnose nor treat.

Five years has elapsed since approximately 1,000,000 of our best men and women served in Operation Desert Storm and Shield: following orders and serving to defend America's best interests. Now, America, we must understand the true nature of being there for our veterans. The true meaning of the yellow ribbons must once again be revived. The horrible secret is out of America's worst atrocity, our servicemen and women were exposed to deadly chemical and germ warfare and the illnesses and deaths are being withheld from the American people.

October 1995 Life Magazine featured the story of "The Tiniest Victims of Desert Storm." The children of our veterans are now being born with horrendous disfiguring birth defects thus inspiring the formation of a "Gulf War Baby Registry." The problems will not go away. They are increasing on a daily basis. The military denies the increase in birth defects. Their investigation is deeply flawed.

The Department of Defense steadfastly contends that there is "no evidence of biological or chemical warfare". This is an out and out lie; Senator Riegle, from Michigan stated the following:

"To my mind, there is no more serious crime than an official military cover up of facts that could prevent more effective diagnosis and treatment of sick US Veterans...It is an astonishing example of the lengths the Defense Department is going to deny reality. Lastly, we have received the laboratory findings from a gas mask, its case, and filter, taken from the Gulf War Battlefield that reveals the presence of fragments of biological materials that cause illnesses similar to Gulf War Syndrome. These are horrendous statistics that show the true scale of this problem and the heartlessness and irresponsibility of a military bureaucracy that gives every sign of wanting to protect itself more than the health and well being of our servicemen and women who actually go and fight our wars."

America, you deserve to be incensed to know this information was released on the floor of the Senate and your Senators heard this evidence and you weren't told! Why didn't mainstream news media tell you this? Not only is the health of our veterans at stake but your family is also at risk. Senator Reigle ended his statement by saying:

"This data confirms that these illnesses are becoming a major threat to the health and well-being of a significant and rapidly growing number of individuals and warrants a serious and all out urgent effort by the government to determine the precise causes of the illnesses."

According to Dr. Garth Nicolson, November 8, 1995, he stated: "This cover-up can only last so long as we now know that 20% of the population is sick in the countries surrounding the Persian Gulf War area excluding Syria for which no information is available."

We can address the problem now or address it in the future. The illness is here. It is devastating and it is outbreak!  We will continue to speak for the veterans. We will not be silent.

Send this letter to your local media and legislators. Request of them a response as to what they are doing to care for the veterans of the Gulf War. Duplicate this material.

For God and Country,

Joyce Riley, R.N., BSN
Captain (USAF Inactive Reserve)

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