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Free Internet Resource Links For Veterans
This page provides valuable information for veterans.

Transportation and Travel-These links provide free transportation information for veterans.

* Air Evacuation- This free air service allows veterans to be air evacuated for medical treatment.
(needs updated website...will supply soon)

* Van Rides- This site lists the 180 DAV Van Locations and contact information for rides to VA hospitals.

* USAFAMC Air Travel Service- This site is the resource for scheduling free flights both nationally and internationally for military retirees and eligible disabled veterans.

* Free Travel Coupons and Discounts-  This site contains information for a free 3-day vacation to over 20 locations

Education-These links contain comprehensive free on-line educational courses and course material.

Coupons and Merchandise- These free links provide the information to receive free merchandise. discount coupons and product samples

Internet Products and Services-These links provide the information to surf the net (Free ISP) and create his own web site for no cost.

Telephone and voicemail services- These links provide veterans and others the information  and software to place free long distance,  FAX and voice mail services.

Computer equipment -These links provide the veteran and others with the information to apply for a free computer.

Software-These links provide free software information to veterans and others.

Government Surplus-This site provides listings of excess and unwanted government inventory including computer equipment.


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