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The Real Threat to National Security


The current policy being enforced by the Department of Defense that requires the American Military to submit to untested anthrax vaccines has caused an unprecedented rift between the DoD and the Armed Forces. While the Secretary of Defense and his underlings hold fast to their undocumented claims, the American Gulf War Veterans Association (AGWVA) and other organizations continue to provide evidence and documentation that clearly show these vaccines and drugs are not only unsafe, but are in many cases causing injury, severe reactions and long term disabilities.

Senate Report 103-97, the Anthrax Safety Sheet and the GAO's April 1999 Report condemning the DoD's anthrax policy are just a few of the documents that have indicated their policy is flawed. The insistence of the DoD, the Pentagon and the Executive Branch to force these investigational drugs on our military have forced many officers and enlisted personnel who serve with honor and integrity into resignation, and the concern is that there may well be another hidden agenda in place!

The mainstream media and the DoD have stated the number of participants in this "anthrax mutiny" is "approximately 200". That number is grossly underestimated. The AGWVA recently took a call from a crewman aboard the USS Vincenz who stated that between 1/4 to 1/3 of the crew was refusing the anthrax vaccine. Having a crew of 350, that would mean that between 87 and 117 shipmates were refusing the shots. That's just one ship! Another call from a submarine told basically the same story. There are over 2,200 flying positions now available for pilots in the National Guard and Reserves because of the fear that a reaction would prevent a pilot from obtaining an FAA license to fly for the commercial airline companies. Despite the current sign on bonus of close to $20,000, recruitment centers are reporting all-time low records for new recruits. After viewing the AGWVA's website ( and watching the video "Gulf War Illness - Fact or Fiction?" a Navy Seal was so angered over the betrayal of the Armed Forces that he stated, "You don't do this to your trained assassins!"

To add insult to severe injury, on September 30, 1999, William Jefferson Clinton signed Executive Order 13139 entitled "Improving Health Protection of Military Personnel Participating in Particular Military Operations". Thirty days later it became law, because none of the Congressional Representatives had the courage to stand against this order that legitimizes acts that were banned by the Nuremberg Code. Nazis were hung after WWII for these kinds of atrocities!

It is now clear that those who insist on forcing these investigational drugs and vaccines on our guardians of the Constitution are themselves a direct threat to our national security! UNLESS THESE POLICIES ARE IMMEDIATELY SUSPENDED AND THE PERPETRATORS EXPOSED FOR THE TRAITORS THAT THEY ARE, OUR COUNTRY MAY HAVE NO DEFENSE AGAINST ANY ATTACK, FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC! Could that be the plan?

The Declaration of Independence states:

"…that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed."

America, how much more are you willing to suffer?

The Declaration of Independence further states:

"…it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future posterity…In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble of terms. Our repeated Petition has been answered only by repeated injury."

Our first document of law not only tells us why, but what we MUST do to maintain our freedom…It is our Duty!

"We seek NOT to overthrow the Constitution, we seek to overthrow those who would subvert it." - Abraham Lincoln


You have shown by your track record that you do not have the Country's best interests in mind. Rather, your actions demonstrate clearly that your concern is to create an unstable environment at home and to offer your "solutions" to the horrendous problems that you have created. You brought us Vietnam and you lied about it (Thank Bob MacNamara and others). You deserted our POW's and left them to rot in Indochina so that you could "normalize" trade relations. You brought us the Warren Report and expected us to believe you. You gave us Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, MKULTRA, COINTELPRO, Tuskeegee, Agent Orange, Waco, OKC, TWA800, Gulf War Illness and so much more. Now you want to inject not just the military, but the general population with your vaccines… and we're supposed to trust you? The record shows you have no integrity whatsoever and will lie to the American people at every opportunity. You have turned your back on the defenders of our nation and still, you expect our trust. You Won't Be Trusted…ANYMORE!

You have been quite successful in "dumbing down" most of America with TV and pro-sports but there is one very serious flaw in your plan. The very people that you have so successfully "dumbed down" are not that dumb. Most are good, patriotic Americans that have simply been fooled by your dark operations. You seem to have forgotten that for you to succeed, you need to operate in complete darkness… but it only takes one candle to shed light on your nefarious activities. The "Thousand Points of Light" are now in the millions, but they're focusing the light of truth on you! Our nation's Law enforcement and the proud men and women of the military are beginning to understand that they are being set up as your "cannon fodder" and they are the very ones that you are relying upon to carry out your plans for a "New World Order". You cannot win because as you read this, what goes around is coming around. Sure, you may win a few battles and you've grown accustomed to winning, but you are destined to loose the big one and that will hurt you in ways you are incapable of comprehending.

We, the patriotic Americans who love this country and support this Constitutional Republic, offer an open hand not a closed fist. We do not support violence in any form but will defend this country from enemies foreign and domestic. However, think of this and sleep well tonight…It won't take long for those in Special Forces to figure out that there is much more satisfaction in storming and trashing some elitist's estate than there is in burning churches and murdering innocent women and children.

Have a nice day

Joyce Riley von Kleist
Dave "Riddell" von Kleist


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